Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The moment of truth...

I've got to admit I don't usually have a eureka moment on a Saturday night whilst I'm sipping a cocktail in some trendy bar. But last weekend I made an exception. After a long conversation about careers with a group of friends it didn't take long for me to realise only one out of the five of us was actually happy in our jobs. No one was desperately unhappy...just plodding along in jobs they didn't enjoy.

It was still on my mind the next day, prompting me to do a bit of internet research into job satisfaction. I was shocked to find an article on the BBC website claiming over 50% of workers in the UK hate their jobs. And it only got worse. Since the recession hit Britain things have apparently got so bad nearly 20% of these workers can't even face getting up in the morning.

Reading that article made me wake up and smell the cappuccino. It's not that I hate my job. It's just not what I want to do. It doesn't inspire me. I can't see myself still doing it in ten years' time. In fact, I'd been so busy attempting to climb the career ladder I'd tried very hard to ignore the fact it was propped up against the wrong house. So, it was that moment, that very second, I decided to turn my life around and pursue my dream career.

I've always known what I really want to do. Aged ten we had a 'career day' at Primary School. Everyone in class had to do a five minute presentation 'in character', playing the role of whoever they wanted to be when they grew up. There were the standard doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers. Then there was me.

Loving being centre of attention for a full five minutes, I went all out, dressed in my smartest skirt and blouse, with a pair of fake plastic glasses to make me look 'professional.' I also brought along a prop to make me really look the part - my gran's old typewriter. I thought I looked like a real journalista. Truth was, my look was more Enid Blyton than Jo Elvin ;-)

Fast-forward fourteen years and here I am. It's now or never...after all I have a quarter century birthday looming! So I decided to start this blog to document my quest for journalistic fame and use as a platform to express my opinions, ideas and occasionally vent my frustrations! Watch this space.

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